5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel Locally

The coronavirus has changed so many things in Malaysia. During the Movement Control Order (MCO), we were supposed to stay at home to stop the spreading of Covid-19. Now we are in Recovery MCO (RMCO) phase where state borders are opened, we can start travelling again. For the time being, we reckon domestic tourism is the best way to feed our wanderlust, here we have listed five reasons why. 

Stop Covid-19 Spread


It could be a huge mess if we were to travel to Covid-19 hotspot countries and ended up bringing Covid-19 virus back. So it is best to temporarily avoid going overseas to flatten the coronavirus curve and stop its spread.

Help Rebuild Local Economy


Besides, our economy is suffering severely at the moment. The unemployment rate has soared to 5.3 percent, which exceeds the annual average in the last 30 years — and this is just the start. What you can do to help invigorate the economy is by spending money in the country. 

It Is So Much Cheaper

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 7.02.21 PM
Photo Credit: New Straits Times

Overseas travel costs a lot. From transportation to currency exchange, to passport and visa renewal — all of these cost money. Avoid these spendings and save it for other things by travelling in the country instead. Moreover, many travel agencies and tourist attractions are currently offering attractive discounts for travellers.

Better For The Environment


Travelling poses a damaging impact on the environments such as carbon footprint increase, climate change and global warming — especially if you travel via air. Go somewhere near, because it is more sustainable and poses less harm to the environment. 

You Can Learn A Lot About Your Home Country


You can learn what is unique in the different states and districts of our country. We promise you our country has so much to offer. There are thousands of exciting attractions for you to explore, such as museums, theme parks, mountains, and many more.  


So, let’s Cuti Cuti Malaysia with CatchThatBus onboard our dedicated local bus operators including SP Bumi, MARA Liner, Sani Express, Arwana Ekspres, Darul Iman Express, Queen Express and more! Visit www.catchthatbus.com to check bus schedules and book your bus ticket today.

Let’s #SupportLocalTourism.

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