The Amphibious Bus: Rolling on the River

What do you call a bus that runs on both land and water? An amphibus.


Jokes and puns aside, the RM3.3 million bus from Malta made history by becoming the first of its kind on our beloved tanah air – and we have technology to thank for that.

The bus was brought in by former Terengganu Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Ahmad Said, to aid in the monsoon floods which have plagued the North-Eastern locals for years, as well as boost their progress in the tourism industry.


According to Malaysian Digest, the amphibus was scheduled to arrive in 2015 but was delayed hence receiving massive scrutiny from opposition parties which pressed for further investigation.

The amphibus was given a 45-minute test run on Malaysian waters for the first time on Thursday (22 February 2018) along Sungai Terengganu.

Norabina Abdul Rahman, a 40-year old Terengganu local, told Sinar Harian, “It was very satisfying to see such unique bus as well as the fact that we are the only state to own the vehicle. Not every country has an amphibious bus and Terengganu is a state which owns one.”


The bus is currently on display at the Terengganu Expo 2018 at State Sports Complex in Gong Badak from the 25 February to 3 March 2018.

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Main Photo Credit: Utusan

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