5 Reasons Why Singapore is Just Lovable

Revolutionary, advance, fast-paced and wealthy. These are the words we tie to Singapore. With a small population of only 5.6 million, it is remarkable how this small island-country today stands at the pinnacle in every aspect a successful and prosperous country should be. Here’s a countdown to all things lovable about the Lion City!

#5 Wild Night Lives
The ones you can babble to your parents, of course! This place is flooding with concerts and festivals; almost every month. Celebrity favs like Ed Sheeran, Selena Gomez, Ansel Elgort and even Maroon 5 HAVE LANDED HERE.

pic 1

Image by http://vnmedia.vn

#4 Chinese people..etcetera
Save the history of multiculturalism for the books and look at Singapore’s society comprising of people from diverse backgrounds. Known as the place where ‘East meets West’, one could close their eyes and randomly pick out an Asian, a European and even Eurasian! Afterall, Sir Raffles did intend us a main hub for international trading.


Image by http://www.travelog.me

#3 “So expensive! Cheaper can? I no money lah.”
Singaporeans have their own distinct slang and culture you know? From strict ‘first come, first serve’ to “chope-ing” seats with a tissue packet and lanyards to reserve a spot.

pic 3

Image by http://www.straitstimes.com

#2 Food On Fleek
If you think only Malaysia and Thailand have authentic delicacies, you couldn’t be more wrong. Spoil your tastebuds with Singapore’s mee hoon and chilli crab and you’ll definitely come back for more. Hunger…undone!

pic 4

Image by Adam Liaw

#1 “Baby, you are just like the MRT! Always getting stuck; in my head!”
Of course this is not about pick-up lines! Singapore has indeed one of best (if not the best) infrastructure around, making them a marvel in South East Asia. Whether it be communications network, public transport systems and even electrical and water supply, the city is bright with promises.

pic 5

Image by http://vnmedia.vn


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