Interesting Things People Around The World Are Doing During Covid-19 Lockdown

The Covid-19 lockdown as a way to flatten the curve has expanded globally, where billions of people are now confined to their homes, spending their time in isolation.

The Star has reported that now going grocery shopping is the only chance to socialise during the lockdown and many have taken to online activities to socialise and pass the time.

Here we have put together things people from around the globe are doing during the lockdown.

Spanish and Belgians applaud their health workers 

After the Spanish government declared a state of emergency due to Covid-19, the people are only allowed out for food or medicine. A social media campaign has encouraged people to show their appreciation by clapping and cheering for their medical workers while they are going to work in the morning. While in Brussels, the Belgians applaud medical workers from their windows and balconies at 8pm every evening.

Italians sing from their balconies

Italians started to sing in solidarity from their balconies to boost morale. It also a way to keep in touch and feel closer to those around them. The Italians sing and dance to traditional folks music to modern pop songs. The performances were received with applause and cheering from other flats and apartments. Meanwhile, when Germans try it, neighbours were reported threatening to call the police. Too bad.

Germans code corona-busting apps


The Germans prefer more practical activities to their lockdown where the German government held a digital hackathon called #WirVsVirus (we against the virus). Forty-three thousand programmers and software designers work on 1,000 projects simultaneously to address issues relating to economy, society, healthcare, or politics due to Covid-19 such as ways to track the virus and distribute food to the homeless.

Americans stress-bake


On the other hand, Americans turn to bake cakes and pastries for comfort. Their ‘isolation loaves’ and ‘quarantine cookies’ from viral recipes were uploaded on multiple social media platforms. However, the stress-bake has led to baking supplies like yeast and flour running out.

Everyone dances on TikTok

TikTok lets users choose from a selection of audio and music to create videos. Celebrities to commoners, and people who have never heard of the app before, almost everyone dances on TikTok now. While waiting for more wholesome TikTok videos in home-quarantine, why not do it yourself right?

The lockdown or our Movement Control Order will buy response time to the Covid-19 crisis and flatten the curve. So, let us all keep safe at home and keep being creative. Hang in there!

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  1. That’s wonderful…Here in India too we had a day dedicated to applaud the health, police personal, sanitation workers……and another day on 9th…the whole lit Diya or lamps as a mark to pray so that whole world can heal and normalize. Nice post.

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